Nike – React Presto


Agency: Assemble & Play
Client: Nike (Portland)
CD: Meirion Pritchard

Video Edit

The brief was to create a 20 second animation to go on the Nike By You website for the launch of the React Presto. It needed to feature the characters and settings from a Presto ad campaign from 2000 - with the main aim being to show off the range of Nike By You customisations possible for the React Presto.

I tracked down the original TVCs from 2000 on YouTube to make sure it all stayed true to the style of animation and the quirky nature of that campaign. To play on the heritage of these characters I opted for a VHS look to the intro, as though a tape recording of the original TV ads was being fast-forwarded through to the point where the animation begins.

The final version is below!


React Presto By You

This is the final 16:9 version - please note there is no audio!


Presto print adverts

Below are examples of the original print campaign from twenty years ago showing the four characters that we used in this animation. Three of them had animated TVCs to reference, but not Rogue Kielbasa. So I went ahead and created a mock TVC in keeping with the style of the originals which is viewable just a little further down the page…


Rogue Kielbasa

The Rogue Kielbasa didn't have its own TVC back in 2000, so I made my own. It’s only visible briefly in the VHS rewinding intro sequence but it was fun to make and turned out to be a good way of immersing myself in the rather quirky Presto universe.

There isn’t a soundtrack for this - but one day I’ll get round to having one made.