Kickers – Random Bandits


Agency: Holler Digital
Client: Kickers
Producer: Hannah Foster

Character Animation
Video Editing

I’ve been a big fan of Jon and Mick from Modern Toss for many years - and I had just handed in my resignation at Holler Digital when they were asked to create a series of Modern Toss animations for Kickers. I was more than happy to stay on a while longer and be the lead (well, the only) animator on this project.

In all there were six episodes, each comprising of three sketches written and illustrated by Mick and Jon - with voice acting by Mackenzie Crook and David Schaal!

It was a challenge to get it all done on time, especially being the only animator for all 18 sketches! But it was more than worth it for the chance to work (and drink!) with Jon and Mick.


Episode 1


Episode 2

Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Production Phase & Launch Party

Some photos from the latter stages of the production, and some from the Kickers launch party.