P&G – Tide


Agency: Holler, Leo Burnett
Client: P&G

Video Editing

Back in 2009 I’d animated the Kickers: Modern Toss series for Holler - six years later they asked me back to work on an animation project of a much larger scale.

This project was massive. Besides the number of episodes (which quite frankly I can’t figure out myself any more) - each episode had to be able to flexibly cater for all manner of regional variations. Some of those variations were small and some were massive, but all contributed to an elaborate array of possibilities to suit differing cultures in different regions.

Some of the final animations are shown below, in Russian.


Washing White Garments


Sorting Made Simple


How To Iron A Shirt


Laundry 101


Fast Drying


Folding Made Easy


Crease Free Clothing