Hopster – Treasure Hunt


Client: Hopster, Plato Media
CD: Sharna Jackson

Video Edit

The brief was to animate the Intro and Outro sequences for an in-app game that Hopster was making called ‘Treasure Hunt’. The team at Hopster wanted an amusing sequence to setup the premise of the game, and then a little celebratory sequence once the player had completed it.


Treasure Hunt – Intro & Outro

Please note it’s the guide voice only, and not the final audio with music / VO and sound effects.



Designer and illustrator Dean Jackson drew all of the artwork for the Treasure Hunt game, including a lot of animals! - and I had the pleasure of animating them and turning them into usable sprites for the developers who were making the game. Here are a few of my favourites!



Before I got started on the bulk of the work I took some time to do some exploratory animations with Stickster. I wanted to make sure the tests I was doing would count towards work on the intro and outro so I used the guide voice as a basis for trying things out.