Perfection In Mind


Agency: Digit
Client: Glenmorangie

2.5D Animation
Video Editing

I had the pleasure of working with Elise Wade and Peter Hamblin to create this animation for Digit’s client Glenmorangie. It was the first of many projects I would work on with Digit over the years, but this remains one of my favourites. It all went fairly smoothly besides various issues with what was eventually dubbed ‘the tree of evil’ - watching it back just now I see there’s still a glitch there! Argh.

Anyway, my only remaining copy of this seems to only have the voice track - so you will have to make do without the music if you wish to watch it below!


Perfection In Mind

Presented without the music track.


Animation Tests

Here is a quick animation test I made to show Digit before I started. They were looking to give the piece a kind of watercolour and ink feel to it. Being a big fan of practical effects I went and soaked lots of things in the bath and filmed it. I guess they liked it and I got to make the whole thing.

PLEASE NOTE: This video has been sat in my Vimeo archives for over 10 years - and for some reason it is suffering from some very erratic playback issues - lots of stuttering and weirdness.

Anyhow - here it is…