The Favour Farm


Agency: Ralph & Co
Client: Vinspired
CD: Greg Stevenson & Chris Stack

Video Edit

This is one of the first projects I worked on as a freelancer and it’s still one of my favourites. I worked with Chris Stack and Greg Stevenson of Ralph to deliver this project against a very tight deadline. Luckily they were very well prepared and right from the start I had a storyboard, a VO and even an animatic to work with!

I was the illustrator and animator on this project which is something I don’t often get a chance to do - and it was great fun!

The final piece is available to watch below!


The Favour Farm

My final render with VO and sound effects tracks - not sure if there was ever a music track added to it.


Testing, testing…

I did a couple of test shots to show that my style of illustration and animation would work for this video. One shot was of one of the little creatures sat in the palm of someone’s hand. I filmed it in my bathroom on my trusty Canon G9 camera and then composited the squiggly little ‘favour’ creature onto my hand.

The second test shot was of the scientist who is about to put one of the creatures down (!) - in the test the scientist is rather crudely about to use a semi automatic pistol, but this was (quite rightly) deemed a bit out of keeping with things - and so in the final animation he is about to use a sci-fi style ray-gun. Thankfully in both versions this course of action is averted and everyone lives!