Showreel Update! Late 2019

It’s the ‘Late 2019’ Matt Thomas / OPENBYHAND showreel! It’s had a bit of an update since I’ve been doing a bit of job hunting lately. It’s a bit longer than the ‘Early 2019’ one, and less focused on animation.

Red Riding

Red Riding Mood Film

I recently came across this whilst trawling my archives looking for work to go in my showreel. It was an animated mood film I put together when I worked at Holler Digital - it’s a bit over the top, but I still like it. Not sure why there wasn’t any audio on this.

Kingston Cine Film

Unedited Nostalgia

Whilst trawling through some of my older Vimeo uploads I found this - a couple of reels of unedited cine film footage that I set to the song Leave the Earth Behind You and Take a Walk Into the Sunshine by the Scottish band Ball Boy (which was a favourite of mine around the time I was still living in Kingston). Putting it on the blog for the sake of it really, most of my Vimeo stuff is hidden away but wanted to make sure this still had a chance to be visible on the internet.

Here's a comment posted on my Facebook ‘wall’ (back when I still used that website) by my friend Michael Jenkins,

'I like the way with cine you just take footage of the stuff that matters, and make it matter, whereas with digital you just record everything and make everything not matter. I like the film, you can't beat cine for nostalgia, though it did not make me feel nostalgic. Why didn't someone tell me that my hair looked kind of like four triangles stuck to each side of my head? You look thinner. I suppose that's what living on stress hormones, cider and hot-dogs does to you (assuming you don't still live on these). Have you got time to put any of the other films on there? That would be nice. I sold all my sketchbooks the other day, to a girl who was on foundation when we were in Kingston. I got a whopping £16. They're full of shit anyway. Gonna make some T-shirts soon. Want any? Like "I am not lying on my front" or "If you pretend you didn't see me, I'll pretend I didn't see you..."?'

I've joined Dribbble!


You can now find me on, mostly posting animations I’m tinkering with in the iPad app ‘Animatic’. I’ve really been enjoying making any old stuff and posting it on Dribbble. I feel like I’ve spent the past 20 years making some genuinely tiresome key-framed nonsense and it feels great to just be drawing and having fun with animation again.


Oh - and I’d like to say a big thanks to Oliver Todd for the Dribbble invite!
Here’s a link to my Dribbble profile!

OBH Business Cards – 2013

Found in the Archives!

I recently found the artwork from a set of business cards I had printed back in 2013 - and thought it would be fun (for me) to post them on my blog. I think it was from when Moo first started out and suddenly getting business cards printed was a fun and easy thing to do. I recall ordering a load of stickers too, no idea where they’ve all gone - been through a lot of studio spaces since 2013.

Back to Work

I am available for work!

After three years of trying to get Assemble & Play off the ground, it is time to return to the world of ‘proper work’. I had considered going back to freelancing, but I just don’t really feel like running about all over London with a laptop for another 10 years. So I’ve made the decision that it’s time to return to the world of full-time work. Ideally to join a small team and make myself useful again - it feels long overdue!