BERG / Intel

Produced for BERG, Intel

Way back in late 2012, BERG (the people who made the smallest printer ever) invited me in to their super secretive studio to design and animate characters and scenarios for a game they were making with some 'stake holders' at Intel. The mini-games were to showcase particular functions of a series of chips that Intel was working on for mobile usage. Time was short and client expectations were high (because when the fuck aren't they) - so things were pretty hectic. Things are always hectic, is there ever a project where it's like 'we have time, budget, and talent and we can make this thing great. No. Never. That said, I worked in an awesome team and it all held together despite a few 'stake holder' interventions. There was one moment of tragedy when we discovered that one of these 'stake holders' was obsessed with a person who had previously been freelancing on the project, and whom I had replaced. We spent around 4 weeks with this guy continuously bringing her name up in conference calls. I think he thought she still worked there somewhere, and that if he said her name enough times she might appear out of nowhere and fucking propose to him or something. In the end he actually flew over to England hoping to meet her, got massively drunk and confessed it all. He'd probably kept the project alive and the money flowing in the hope of meeting her. Tough luck dickhead. And thanks for making all those calls so fucking painful.