ACNE – Showreel


Client: ACNE
CD: Helin Kotan / Ben Clark

2D Motion Graphics
Video Editing

Back in 2015 Helin Kotan of ACNE London asked if I would come in and edit their first company showreel, which was a very exciting opportunity as I was a big fan of their brand. I cut a variety of their reels between 2015 and 2018 - some short, some long, some for specific pitches - but all of them to show off their fantastic portfolio of work whilst revealing just a hint of the knowing humour that underpins the best of their work.

It was great fun to work with Helin on the first set of these, and also with Ben on the later edits. Below are some of my favourite versions!


ACNE | Reel 2015

This is the first cut we did back when ACNE London were on a huge new business mission - and it’s still my favourite one. It’s ever so slightly too long for a showreel but there was so much we wanted to get into it. Yep, still my favourite one even at 2mins 30secs!


ACNE | Reel: Fashion

This edit was all about showcasing ACNE’s experience in fashion - both their own contributions and those of their clients!


ACNE | Reel: Cars

This version focused on their work in the world of automobile advertising and marketing - for which they’ve done some pretty awesome stuff.