The Favour Farm

Produced for Ralph & Co

This was one of my first freelance commissions, and after all these years it's still one of my favourites to have worked on. Director Chris Stack and copywriter Greg Stevenson provided a detailed animatic with guide VO and temporary music - this provided a solid basis from which I was able to illustrate and animate the entire animation in just a couple of weeks. One of those projects I look back on with genuine fondness. 


Test shot 01

This was one of the very early test shots to help establish a visual style for the animation, it made it into the final animation to help give a sense of scale :) 

Test Shot 02

A version of this made it into the final animation, though the client wasn't too keen on the semi-automatic aimed at the 'favour' - so we replaced the handgun with a 60s sci-fi style ray gun. 

Thanks for watching!