Nike – AF1 ‘All Stars’


Agency: Assemble & Play
Client: Nike
CD: Meirion Pritchard

2D Animation
Video Edit

The brief here was to tell the story of the UV-Activated colour changing shoes (AF1 Low, Mid and High) using hand drawn graphic elements from the LA map that appears on the shoe itself.

The maps are of iconic areas in L.A. - Venice Beach, Hollywood and Chinatown. The idea was to start each shoe completely blank, and then to see the maps emerging onto the surface of the sneaker as the sunlight shines upon it.

With three locations plus an intro to fit into 25 seconds, things had to move pretty fast. Since basketball was integral to the shoes and the locations we made sure it featured prominently - leading the transition between the shoes once the illustrated sun has fully activated the map.


AF1 ‘All Stars’ (1600x600)

There is no sound to accompany the animation - just in case you were wondering!


AF1 ‘All Stars’ (4K)

As with the animation above, there is no sound!


Hand Drawn Elements

I hand drew a few of the elements that I couldn’t find or use from the map artwork. Around this time I had been using the Animatic App on my iPad and used that to very quickly sketch out these animations - which I imported and cleaned up a bit in After Effects.



Here’s a quick overview of the key steps in the animation