Hopster – Treasure Hunt


Client: Hopster, Plato Media
CD: Sharna Jackson

Video Edit

Hopster were looking to make some promotional stings to ship with the launch of some Samsung TVs - so they asked me to help them make them. They wanted them to feature some of their brand characters in situations, and to then resolve to the company logo.


Sting 01 – Fluffster

I’d just finished making the app intro with Fluffster so I immediately re-purposed this one!


Sting 02 – Bagman

For Bagman’s sting I had him happily swinging around until the branch breaks sending him flying off screen in a shower of leaves as the logo falls in to replace him


Sting 03 – Yoots

This sting featured the Yoots - I thought it would be fun to have one of them come running in and collide with the logo. This would cause some of the letters to fall off and leave the Yoot in a daze on the floor, then its friends come running on to carry it off and fix the logo.


Sting 04 – Birdee

For the Birdee sting I immediately knew I wanted the diminutive Birdee to vomit up a giant logo.