Hopster TV Stings

Produced for Hopster, Plato TV Limited

The lovely people at Hopster asked me to design four idents based around some of their crazy little characters. Each ident needed to resolve to the Hopster logo and to last precisely 6 seconds. With each one we were aiming to reflect the chosen character's personality - luckily I'd just finished creating their App intro animation featuring Fluffster (the fluffy orange one), so we had one in the bag from the outset :)

Below are the final animations, 

01. Bagman

If there's one thing that Bagman loves, it's endlessly swinging on that branch…

02. The Yoots

One of the smaller 'Yoot' characters accidentally damages the logo (and itself) - luckily the other Yoots are there to assist in repairs and medical assistance. 

03. Birdee

Is she singing the logo into existence, or vomiting it up? I'll leave it up to you. 

04. Fluffster

I'd just finished making a version of this for the app intro, so to save a bit of time we re-purposed it for the idents.