Carrera – MIDO 2018


Agency: Assemble & Play
Client: Carrera

2D Motion Graphics
Video Editing

I worked as video editor and 2D motion designer on this collection of videos for use at Carrera’s stand at MIDO 2018. Clips from the videos were also shared on Carrera’s official Instagram account. Working with the team at Assemble & Play was pretty intense - with some crazy challenges and deadlines to meet.

Ultimately the client was very happy - and I even got to pop along to Milan to see all our hard work on display at the event.

Below are some of my favourite pieces from the series, the Hyperfit, Epica, Adjustable Temples and Signature videos - along with some photos I took from MIDO 2018!


Carrera – Hyperfit

This is probably my favourite of the videos, so let’s start with this one!


Carrera – Epica

This one was went through a fair few changes - at one point there was rather a lot of snow!


Carrera – Adjustable Temples

This was a fun one to make as we got to go a bit ‘Terminator 2’ with the style of the visuals.


Carrera – Signature

This was the very first one we worked on, we were asked to include a car travelling through a tunnel.


MIDO 2018

Some photos from the display featuring the work!